The Tin Mill Bottle Opener

When it comes to getting into your favorite bottle of brew, a bottle opener is a must. While the cheap ones usually get the job done, they do so with much additional effort and far less style than the many unique bottle openers out there. For the craft beer fan with a thirst, we need a bottle opener that’s not only unique, but also has the required build to get the job done over and over again. The Tin Mill Magnetic Bottle Opener is the great looking and highly-functional tool you’re looking for to get inside craft beer bottles.

The Magnetic Bottle Opener from The Tin Mill is machined from a single piece of stainless steel and has a black nickel-plated finish that makes it look great. The design gives it a unique look and the built-in magnets hold the bottle cap from getting away when you open a bottle of beer.

The weight of this opener not only gives it a very sturdy feel, but it also makes opening bottles easy. Simply grip it in the palm of your hand and pop away. It feels great in the hand and the heavy-duty design is up for years of bottle opening action without worry about wear.

Our taste in craft beer is just as unique as the bottle openers we use to get at that precious liquid inside each bottle. Owning a bottle opener that shares that unique style is something many beer fans enjoy (but not nearly as much as the beer itself of course). For those looking for a great designed and built beer bottle opener, the Magnetic Bottle Opener from The Tin Mill is an awesome option to set yourself apart and get at that beer for years. Head over the The Tin Mill and check out this great beer gadget and many more right now.

The Tin Mill Magnetic Bottle Opener