Snifter of dark beer next to a bottle of Barrel Theory Brewing Sword of Omens on a wood table.

Thunder, thunder, ThunderCats Ho! The Barrel Theory Brewing crew just released something nearly as special as ThunderCats (1985 – 1988). This big beer is named for the coolest weapon wielded by the coolest cat in the ThunderCats. Sword of Omens is a very special Barrel Theory brew.

Sword of Omens

Weighing in at 13% ABV, this beer is as heavy as a longsword. This bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout spent months in 23-year-old Elijah Craig barrels with vanilla, wild Thai bananas, & cacao. The results are thunderous.

Jet black liquid fills the glass, with only a small deep-brown head forming. It bubbles away quickly, with no sign at all that it once existed, other than a little bit of oily residue on the walls of the glass.

Bourbon and sweet banana dance on the nose, sweetness in one offsetting the other. Smooth chocolate from the cacao and vanilla is a wonderful pair too. There’s lovely oak with deep spices and a dab of leather. The bourbon banana is a brilliant pair.

Thick, rich malt fills the entire mouth. Cacao and milk chocolate, light coffee, and caramel cream. Bright banana comes with more sweetness than you get in your grocery store offering. That’s your wild Thai banana. Creamy vanilla bean adds to it, balancing the sweet flavors with a bit of dryness, only to have the 23-year-old Elijah Craig bourbon amp that up again. 13% ABV is clear in the body but imparts no heat or burn to be found. Just beautiful bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, sip after sip.

Snarf Snarf

Big and brilliant, this beer is a shining blade that cuts through huge malt and bourbon with so many other intermingled flavors that work so well. Sweet and flavorful then drying out wonderfully. These ThunderCats were on to something.

While this is a member-only brew in bottles, you might get very lucky and find it on tap at Barrel Theory on rare occasions. If you do, be sure to enjoy a glass or two. Thunder, thunder, ThunderCats!