Bottle of Barrel Theory Brewing Scarlet Dream sitting next to a small glass of deep black liquid at the bar at Barrel Theory Brewing.

Dreaming of something big and delicious? Scarlet Dream is a killer concoction in collaboration between the brewers of Barrel Theory and Drekker Brewing. Pour into this dream.

Scarlet Dream

Barrel Theory and Drekker Brewing came together to create this collaboration, a big barrel-aged imperial stout made with toasted coconut, caramel toasted, coconut, pecan, cocoa, and Pomona Madagascar vanilla. They then aged this big brew in a select Eagle Rare barrel from Liquor Barrel West 7th, finishing at a hefty 13% ABV.

Thick black liquid glugs from the bottle, filling it with used heavy-weight motor oil and a finger of deep brown foam. The bubbles quickly fizz away and leave bits of coconut clinging to the walls of the glass and a coating of oily residue.

Smooth milk chocolate aroma fills the nose, mingling with a dab of caramel and peacan. Coconut blossoms and blends into big vanilla creaminess. In the distance, there’s smooth bourbon, which offers just a touch of oak. It’s wonderful, with just a hint of alcohol. As it warms, the chocolate gets even bigger, and the bourbon becomes more pronounced.

Massive malt fills the mouth, with chocolate everywhere. Creamy milk chocolate gives way to toasty coconut and smooth vanilla. The coconut stands up to the big chocolate, balancing it wonderfully and keeping things from getting too sweet. Each sip coats the entire mouth and leaves an oily coating in its wake.

At the start of the aftertaste, there’s a pecan presence, which then gives way to chocolate hanging on while sweet and smooth bourbon gets in the mix. A huge mouthfeel and a long finish make this brew seem even bigger than the hefty 13% ABV it is.

Dream On

With colder weather, now is a great time to cuddle up with a big and beautiful brew like this one. Barrel Theory and Drekker Brewing blended numerous ingredients and barrel-aged it while everything that went into it still stands out, not getting lost in the crowd.

Get your drink on with this Scarlet Dream by heading to Barrel Theory now while it’s available for a very limited time. Enjoy the dreamy dab.