Bottle Opener Coaster Set

We love beer bottle openers and can never get enough of them. While we own plenty, we still find times when they aren’t within easy reach. That moment of panic when you realize that you may have to get up and head to the kitchen in order to open your cool beverage is never fun. With the Bottle Opener Coaster set from the makers of Beer Cap Maps, there’s always a bottle opener at hand.

The Bottle Opener Coaster set from Beer Cap Maps turns your favorite bottle caps into great looking coasters that also function to get you into your tasty brews too. They’re made of quality wood that looks great with any decor and feature sayings that fairly accurately reflect many craft beer lovers. Pop your favorite beer cap in and you’ve got sweet coaster that’ll keep water stains off your home bar and get you into your beverage bottle, while allowing you to express a bit of individuality.

We can all use extra bottle openers around the house and bar. This Bottle Opener Coaster set is sure to look great keeping your beer off the bar and lets you customize each coaster with your favorite bottle caps. The added utility of having a beer bottle opener built right in makes them a great beer gadget for anyone. Grab a set for yourself and a couple extras, as they make great gifts. You’ll love always having a bottle opener at hand. Head on over to the Beer Cap Maps website and grab your Bottle Opener Coaster set today.

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