GrOpener Bottle Opener

As craft beer fans, we open bottle of beer like it’s our job. We do it because, well, it is kind of our job or at least how we get to the delicious beverage that consuming is almost like the world’s most enjoyable job. To get into those bottles, we have no shortage of bottle opening devices. Most of us have drawers filled with beer bottle openers. While all perform the same basic function (getting us into that tasty brew), some do it in much cooler fashion than the rest. For those looking for a unique way to pop bottles, the GrOpener is the way to go.

Unlike most bottle openers, which use an upward motion to pry the cap from your bottle, the GrOpener pops the top with an over and under approach. Simply grab the bottle and squeeze and the top comes right off. Unlike other bottle openers, this one can be operated with just one hand and looks pretty cool doing so. The GrOpener also has a built in magnet to keep the cap in place, so it doesn’t fall on the ground when opening with one-handed operation. One-handed operation also means you have the other hand free to open another bottle at the same time.

Craft beer drinkers pop bottles like pros because they are pros. We use bottle openers like they’re extensions of our own hands. For those looking for a cool way to open their favorite brews and do it without the need to make it a two-handed ritual, the GrOpener is the ticket. This grip and pop bottle opener lets you pop tops with ease and looks great doing it. Head over to the GrOpener website and add one to your collection today.

GrOpener Beer Bottle Opener