Léaf Opener: The Minimalist Tool

Poppin bottle. It’s something all beer lovers love to do. Some like a traditional bottle opener like a church key while others like something more unique like the Bottle Tap bottle opener. Looking for something simple and elegant? Checkout the Léaf Opener, a minimalist tool for opening beer bottles and boxes.

The Léaf Opener is a Kickstarter project looking to make a great looking and functional bottle opener.  The Leaf Opener can be carried in your wallet and is available in a number of different materials including stainless steel or brass and in polished or brushed finishes.  Each Leaf Opener is laser cut here in the USA from solid stainless steel or solid brass making them much stronger than die cast pieces.  The center hole will hold a 1/4″ hex bit should you need to do a little screwing too.  This bottle opener is thin enough to fit in the credit card slots in your wallet so you can have it along at all times, always ready to pop beer bottles at a moments notice.  Holes in the edges make it a great keychain too.  Much better than those cheap 99¢ liquor store keychain bottle openers that break after a month or two of use.  Although the edge of this opener isn’t sharpened, it works great for slicing through the packaging tape of your beer trades to get your hands on the goodies inside with a quickness.

Before you can enjoy that tasty brew, you have to get the bottle open first. A fine bottle opener that will last through countless bottles (and memories those beers create) is a must for any true craft beer fan.  Find yourself a nice one you can be proud of and one that gets the job done well.  Checkout the Leaf Opener’s Kickstarter project with just a couple days left to get on board here.