Tuls Opie Beer Bottle Opener

Step 1: Acquire Great Craftbeer

Step 2: Open It

The process seems simple but it’s not always the case.  While the selection and places you can find great beer has grown in the past few years, the problem of having a bottle opener around when you need it still seems to be an issue many of us deal with from time to time.  You need something that is high-quality and easy to carry with you at all times.  You need Tuls.

These nicely designed, credit card sized tools, offer plenty of utility in a small package.   Tuls Flat Tools offer small family of pocket utility, with different designs and functions across the lineup.  Above you see Opie.  This simple, yet functional, beer bottle opener will pop bottles with ease.  It’s made from titanium or stainless steel so it’s sure to last while adding almost no bulk or weight to your wallet.  The other bottle opening option in the Tuls family is Lucy.  Designed not just to open your favorite brew, Lucy also offers standard and metric wrenches, a spoke wrench for your bike, 1/8″ hex bit driver, and a flat-head screwdriver.  All kinds of functionality in a tool no bigger than a credit card.

Everyone needs a good bottle opener that they can carry with them.  Be the one with an opener when others have forgotten theirs and you become the hero.  As the Boy Scout Motto says, be prepared.  With one of the Tuls tools, you can be ready to open any bottle of beer you come across, at any time.  Head over to the Tuls flat tool Kickstarter project and help fund a great tool that will open some even better craft beer.

Tuls Lucy Beer Bottle Opener

Tuls Flat Tools