Bottle Tap Bottle Opener

We love bottle openers. Theres no better way to open a bottle of your favorite brew. While some can use other objects like lighters or things like the BROpener, some of us prefer an actual bottle opener. Keychain openers are great because they’re small enough to always carry with you so you’re ready whenever theres a bottle that needs to be popped. If you want functional and elegant, checkout the Bottle Tap.

The Bottle Tap was designed to be both functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much room on your keychain or in your pocket. The back cover prevents it from becoming snagged in your pocket and provides the prying lip for opening your beer bottle. The included cable keychain has a covered clasp so it won’t come open accidentally and it provides enough length to fit plenty of keys.

To open a bottle, simply spin the backing around 180º and use the Bottle Tap to open your favorite brew as shown below. A number of design options are offered for the Bottle Tap. The standard Bottle Tap is made of stainless steel and will last for years of bottle popping. Buyers can also opt to have their Bottle Tap laser marked as seen in the pictures here with the Craft Beer Time logo. The laser marking looks great and offers the ability to personalize your opener. Hand engraving is offered for an extra personal touch and there is also an option of an awesome looking damascus steel Bottle Tap.

Having a unique and personal bottle opener can be a tool of pride. People often comment and enjoy the unique bottle openers they see others with. Plus theres nothing like being the hero with an opener handy when someone needs to get into that special bottle of brew. Set yourself aside from those crappy 99¢ liquor store checkout bottle openers with a great looking and functioning bottle opener. Checkout the Bottle Tap website here and start opening great beers with a great bottle opener.

Bottle Tap Opening A Bottle