We’ve all been in that situation where we find outselves with a tasty bottle of brew and no bottle opener with which to open it.  Many of us and our friends seem to be able to open bottles with anything.  A lighter or a piece of paper.  Almost anything it seems.  Instead of tearing up the bottom of lighters or taking chunks out of your counter, the BROpener looks to get you into your bottled brew without damaging anything.

Simply attach the BROpener anywhere using the included adhesive tape and you’re ready to pop bottles whenever the need arises.  Simply place the edge of the bottle cap on the BROpener and give it a good tap and the top pops right off.  The BROpener is magnetic to it holds the bottle cap after you pop it rather than having it fall on the floor or shoot across the room.  Right now the BROpener is raising funds for production using Kickstarter.  You can get yours for $14 by helping fund the project.  It’s small enough that it doesn’t get in the way and can be put anywhere.  On the edge of the kitchen counter, side of your coffee table, refrigerator door, the boat, the truck tailgate, side of a cooler, and just about anywhere else.

Get your own BROpener by jumping over to their Kickstarter page here and helping them fund this cool bottle opening device.  We’ll even let it slide that they show a Budweiser with a twist-off cap in the graphics below.  You can also checkout the BROpener Facebook page here.

BROpener Usage