Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map

Beer Cap Maps are the perfect way to show off your beer cap collection. With maps of your home state or favorite beer-drinking country, you can show off your cap is in a cool and unique way. But there’s always been one piece missing. You can’t combine all the states to make a giant US map. Until now. Welcome the Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map!

USA Puzzle Map

We’ve been huge fans of Beer Cap Maps ever since we had the opportunity to show off their early state maps. Since then, they’ve added all 50 states, a number of popular countries, plus cool special maps like the Metal Groove Map. Now they’re going big, with the awesome new Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map!

This hulk is made up of 48 separate puzzle pieces (each of the contiguous United States). At 98″ wide and 60″ tall (that’s more than 8ft by 5ft), you’ll need a whole wall to display this cap collection.

With 979 cap hole to fill, you’ll have a lot of drinking to do in order to fill this map. With over 4,000 breweries in the United States, it’s certainly possible, but it’ll take a lot of consumption to make it happen. We’ve got faith in you.

The USA Puzzle Map can be purchased as a complete set, or as separate sections of the US; Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. This allows you to go all-in, or start with your favorite region and grow from there.

Big Map For Your Beer Caps

The Beer Cap Maps we love now have a great new way to show off your beer cap conquest. With the new USA Puzzle Map, you’ll have room to share your collection, no matter how large.

Order the USA Puzzle Map today and turn your cap collection into an epic display. Head over to the Beer Cap Maps site to check it out now.

USA Puzzle Map