Beer Cap Maps Metal Groove Map

Many of us have beer cap collections but often we aren’t quite sure what to do with them all. The original Beer Cap Maps are an awesome way to show off your beer cap collection. They offer maps you can fill with your favorite caps and can be personalized to your home state or country. Now these great displays have gotten even cooler with the release of the new Beer Cap Maps Metal Groove Map.

The Metal Groove Map from Beer Cap Maps is made of corrugated steel and is an awesome way to show off your beer cap collection. The metal look is more industrial and looks great anywhere in your house or bar. It mounts easily on the wall with a couple screws and will last forever. It’s sure to draw attention and become a source of conversation about the many fine brews you’ve enjoyed and collected.

Unlike the wood maps, the caps clip in from the front without the need to remove the map from the the wall. This makes it quicker and easier to add to your collection. Each cap locks in with a satisfying *PING*, super secure with no chance they’ll fall out (or your friends will running off with pieces of your prized collection).

The original Beer Cap Maps gave us an cool way to display the beer cap collections we’d been saving for years but had little idea what we were going to do with. They’re great for showing a completed collection or your journey along the way. The new Metal Groove Map is another great way to show off your collection with pride, in a way that is sure to impress. Get your new Metal Groove Map now from Beer Camp Maps and save with their introductory price.

Beer Cap Maps Metal Groove Closeup