Beer Cap Map

Craft beer drinkers are collectors. We collect massive cellars filled with bottles, collect memories and beer coasters from the bars and breweries we visit, and collect experiences of the many great beers and times we’ve enjoyed. One of the most common items many of us collect are the caps that top the bottles we have the pleasure of drinking. While many of us collect these little memories of brews passed, most of us struggle to find a way to display them. Beer Cap Maps are the coolest way to show off those prized bottle caps and your favorite state(s).

Beer Cap Maps are great looking laser-cut maps of the best brewing states in the US. Each map is filled with plenty of holes for your favorite caps along with a spot marking the state capitol location. Fill them with all of your best caps or just ones from breweries that reside in that state. Caps pop in the back and are held snugly in place so they can be easily displayed in your living room or home bar. In addition to offering every US states, Beer Cap Maps also offers a full US map and other limited-edition maps like New Zealand.

Like collectors of many things, craft beer lovers who collect bottle caps often find they’re simply collecting without displaying and enjoying their collection. Beer Cap Maps give you a great way to show off your hard-earned collection for all to see. They’re a unique way to show the great beers you’ve enjoyed and show pride in the state you love. Head over to their website and order your own cap map today. Also follow them on Instagram to see the cool maps people are making.

Beer Cap Map Capitol

Also check out the mini magnet maps. Great for displaying what you’ve got stocked in your beer fridge.

Beer Cap Map Wisconsin