Fermentational Informational

Science museums are awesome! Except for one element. Too many kids. What if you could enjoy an adults-only night at the museum without the kids, plus you got to drink great beer too? That’s exactly what Fermentational Informational at the Science Museum of Minnesota is all about.

Fermentational Informational

Social Science Beer Glass

Everything is better with beer, and Social Science: Fermentational Information at the Science Museum of Minnesota proves that. About once a month, they kick the kids out and let the adults take over the exhibits.

Guests get 10 samples from local Minnesota breweries while they explore exhibits and take in educational sessions (including some on the science of the beverage we love, beer).

The brewers are stationed throughout the museum and offered 2-3 brews to choose from. Lines are short and the booths are staffed by brewery employees and brewers, so they can answer questions about what you’re drinking.

In addition to the normal exhibits, you can also get access to special exhibits for a couple bucks more. We added The Science Of Pixar exhibit for just an extra $5, and with only about 10 people in it, had the place to ourselves.

Mini golf was also open outside and we enjoyed a round while having a round of samples with the brewers stationed along the area as we putted through.

Science And Suds

An adults-only night at the museum was an awesome experience that allowed lots of fun, learning, and great Minnesota beer. It’s well worth the price of admissions and an opportunity all of us should take to add a bit of science with our suds.

Fermentational Informational is part of the Science Museum’s Social Science series, bringing science and education to adult audiences. Check out their next Fermentational Informational and enjoy your brews with a bit of science on the side.