Winterfest 2017

The beers will be special. The beards will be combed. Winterfest 2017 is moving to Minneapolis and is sure to showcase the very best beers available in the state of Minnesota. Here’s a look at what makes Winterfest so unique and why it’s one of the must-attend beer fests in the midwest.

Winterfest 2017

2017 will be the 16th annual Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild Winterfest, and the first time it’s moved locations from St. Paul to Minneapolis. The new venue of choice for this fancy fest is the Target Field Delta Sky360 Club and it’s sure to offer a great space to sip suds. In addition to being a great spot for attendees, the brewers sound happy that the easy load in and out abilities offered by Target Field, will make setup and tear down a breeze (happier brewers means a better experience for all).

Being winter, this fest has always been filled with the big brews Minnesota brewers create to keep us going through the cold time (the 60° weather this week paired with the possibility of 6-12″ of snow on Friday should make for a winter experience). Expect imperial stouts, barrel-aged, and other higher ABV brews to be the stars of the show, though there will be plenty to please if those styles aren’t your thing.

Winterfest has always been a more intimate affair. Attendees are able to take more time to talk with brewers, thanks to a lower ticket cap than you’ll find at most beer fests. It’s a great opportunity to inquire about your favorite brew and thank the brewery team for all their hard work.

In addition to countless beers to imbibe, Winterfest 2017 also offers an awesome spread of food to go with your brews. Sausages from Kramarczuk’s, Bavarian pretzels, roasted veggies & dip, tater tot nachos, braised beef poutine, and BBQ pulled pork sliders are a great pairing for the beers served up by nearly 100 Minnesota brewers.

Here’s To Minnesota Beer

For the wealth of Minnesota-only beers, Winterfest can’t be beat. It’s a night filled with great brews from this great state, which showcase the brewing badassery of our more than 100 brewers. Tickets are sold out but I highly recommend asking around for extras, as it’s a night not to be missed.

Be sure to stop down the street for the after parties at Fulton and Modist too. It’ll be an awesome night as always. Here’s to Minnesota beer.