Vargo Swing Blade Tool

Mutil-function is the way to go. Who wants something that does only one thing, when it could do many? While a simple money clip will keep your cash and credit card together, why can’t it do more? What if it could do a lot more, including opening your favorite craft beer bottles? The Vargo Swing Blade Tool can do just that and more.

The Vargo Swing Blade Tool is a money clip with added utility. It features a handy razor blade for cutting all kinds of things.  Packages, string, and all types of other items that regular blades aren’t always the best for. The tension lock keeps the blade from opening when you don’t want it to and keeps it from closing when you’re doing precision cutting with it.

The clip also features 2 flat-head screwdriver sizes and a keyring hole. It’s made from titanium so it’s super lightweight (just 0.9 ounces).

Best of all, the Swing Blade Tool has a bottle opener for popping bottles anywhere. It’s full circle-of-life in a single gadget. Use the money in the clip to pay for beer. Open beer with the tool. Buy more beer with money in the clip. Genius.

Most of us always carry some cash or our credit cards with us. The Swing Blade Tool can keep them all in one place and offer the added utility of the tools it carries. A bottle opener that’s always with you is a must for all craft beer lovers. The other tools are sure to come in handy too (just don’t play with that blade after having a beer or two). Add a bit of utility to your money clip (and a great bottle opener) to be ready for all the little challenges life throws at you. Grab yourself the Vargo Swing Blade Tool today.

Vargo Swing Blade Bottle Opener