Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh

Carabiners are so handy.  Who hasn’t found a million uses for clipping things to other things.  Clipping a pair of running shoes to your backpack.  Hooking your keys to your belt-loop.  Carabiners always come in handy.  For beer lovers, the other thing that is always handy is a bottle opener.  How else will we get into a bottle of our favorite brew?  When you combine these two handy items, you get the S-Biner Ahhh.

A clip for hooking anything to anything and a bottle opener?  The S-Biner Ahhh  lets you do both.  The design looks great and it functions like most other carabiners.  This carabiner features bottle openers on both sides so it doesn’t matter which way it’s clipped, the bottle opener is always handy.  I’ve had one on my backpack for some years and it’s been very useful for hooking on extra gear and popping off bottle caps on many occasions.

The S-Biner GetLit is much like the S-Biner Ahhh in that it has a carabiner clip and a bottle opener but it adds a bright LED light.  The light is activated with a simple press of the back and projects bright enough to easily be seen out and about at night.  With a double-press of the button, the GetLit switches to flashing mode which is great for added visibility.  These are great for out in the woods or riding your bike.  They’re even better when you get to your destination and need to open a cold craftbeer.

For those looking for a great clip with the added bonus of opening your cold beverage, the S-Biner has the right gadget for you.  These handy clips can be used for all sorts of things, in addition to opening a beer of course.  Checkout the S-Biner Ahhh and the S-Biner GetLit LED Bottle Opener.

Nite Ize Back Pack