Truss Minimalist Bottle Opener

As craft beer lovers, we all enjoy popping bottles.  A good bottle opener is essential.  While we like our bottle openers to be just as unique as our own personal tastes, they don’t have to be over the top.  They can also be small, minimalist tools as long as they can get us into our tasty brew when need be.  The Truss is a minimalist bottle opener that fits your bottle opening needs.

The Truss bottle opener is designed to take up almost no room on your keychain.  It’s only 2.1 inches long so it’s no different than adding one more key to your keychain.  While the Truss is very small and light at only 5.9 grams, the title of worlds smallest bottle opener still goes to the KeyShark.  Made from either stainless steel or titanium, the Truss is precision cut using a laser cutter then brushed for a nice finish.  While small, this opener is designed to provide ample leverage to get that bottle cap off and you into a tasty cold beer.

A good bottle opener is a must for beer drinkers and the cheap 99¢ openers at the liquor store checkout not only look lame but they also fall apart after a while.  A quality bottle opener is what everyone needs and the Truss has been designed to crack bottles and look great doing so.  The Kickstarter project just has a few days remaining to get yours and help sponsor a great tool.  Checkout the Truss Kickstarter page now and get yourself a great functional bottle tool.

Truss Beer Bottle Opener