KeyShark Bottle Opener

For us beer drinkers, a bottle opener is a must have item at all times.  While some of us are fine with the cheap 99¢ checkout openers that tend to stop working after a while, many of us demand more from a bottle opener.  It has to be functional while also being stylish, unique, and cool.  When you’re looking for a bottle opener for your keychain, you want something light weight that can also stand up to years of use and abuse.  For that, the KeyShark is your bottle opener.  It’s the world’s lightest bottle opener and the perfect addition to your EDC (every day carry).

Weighing in at just 1.14 grams (0.04oz), the KeyShark has been engineered for the high stresses of bottle opening using the same analysis used when designing commercial airplanes.  It’s very small so it won’t take up too much room on your keychain or in your pocket and the designers made sure it wasn’t something that was going to poke a hole in your leg every time you sat down either.  This beer opener weighs almost nothing.  How light is 0.04oz?  To put it in perspective, a bottle cap weighs 0.07oz, so this thing is almost 1/2 the weight.  KeyShark uses your own keys for leverage and seamlessly integrates the index or middle finger in optimal position in use.  They’re cut using water jet cutting for a precision finish that’ll last for years of bottle popping.

The KeyShark is available in both aluminum and now in titanium too.  They’re priced nicely at just a bit more than those cheap checkout bottle openers but unlike the cheap openers, this one is built to last.  The titanium option adds increased durability and doesn’t cost any more than the aluminum options.  Pop over to the Cranky Monkee site here and grab yourself a KeyShark or two now.

Cranky Monkee KeyShark