Lolo Lids

As much as we’d love to drink beer all the time, we’ve all been places where publicly drinking a beer just isn’t allowed. At your kid’s school play, early morning meetings, funerals, and other venues may not be the best time to drink a delicious brew. But what if people didn’t know you were imbibing on a brew? What if they thought you were drinking coffee instead? Trinken Lids is the beer cup that lets you drink in places you normally shouldn’t.

Trinken Lids cleverly disguises your beer can as a standard disposable coffee cup. The quality plastic lid simply snaps on to a 12oz can of beer and allows you to hide it inside any standard 16oz paper coffee cup. Simply grab a cup from the gas station or your local coffee shop and you’re set to enjoy a far more delicious type of brew anywhere you like.

The underside of Trinken Lids has a rubber ring to keep the lid secured to your beer can, and the sipping spout has been widened so you don’t have to sissy sip your beer. The lid is reusable over and over, so you can enjoy as many cans as you need to get through your day.

The layer of air between the Trinken Lids and your cup keep the beer can insulted. It’ll stay cold in the summer, while your hand will keep from getting cold holding it. A hole in the lid keeps it pouring out without glugging as it goes.

We may not have to do it at the bar or at home but there are times when we need to drink discretely. With Trinken Lids, you can enjoy your favorite canned brew anywhere without risk of ridicule. Get your Trinken Lids now and save 10% off your first order!

Beer Can In A Lolo Lids