Koolernaut Beer Chiller

There’s nothing better than a cold beer. Tasty brews served up at just the right temperature makes the entire experience even better and assures that you taste the beer as it was intended. Most of the time, your favorite craft beer will be ready to drink right from the fridge, but many brews are better enjoyed at a slightly different optimal temperature. Making sure your beer is at the right temp for imbibing has often been a bit of a guessing game. Guess no more with the Koolernaut digital beer chiller.

The Koolernaut is a insulated doozie with a digital display up-front that shows just how cold your beer is. Pop a can in and the display comes on and begins showing just how cool your beverage is. The back list some general temp guidelines for various beer styles so you can make sure you’re at the right temperature to enjoy your drink.

The Koolernaut also offers ice pucks to keep your drink cool in the hot summer sun. While some will insist they drink fast enough to take down a brew while it’s still cold from the cooler, most of us know that isn’t always the case. Toss a frozen puck in the bottom of your Koolernaut koozie and it’ll keep your brew nice and cold while you drink. The ice pucks are shaped to contour the bottom of your can and are a great way to keep things cool when the temps get hot out.

Knowing when your craft cans are at the right temperature for optimal enjoyment use to take a decent bit of guesswork. With the Koolernaut, you know just how cold your beverage is and when it’s at the right temp for you to enjoy. The addition of ice pucks means your beer stays cold even when it’s plenty warm outside. With a bottle-adapted version on the way, the Koolernaut is a great way to enjoy a perfectly temped brew any time. Check out the Koolernaut website for more info and to grab a your own for your next beer-fueled outdoor outing.

Koolernaut Ice Puck