Ti2 Para-Biner Beer Bottle Opener

Single function bottle openers are so macro-brew.  We seek out new and creative beer, so why not seek out new and creative bottle openers too?  Something that isn’t on the counter of every liquor store in town.  A bottle opener that your friends aren’t carrying too.  One that offers more than just a simple bottle opening function.  The Ti2 Para-Biner is a bottle opener and much more.

The Ti2 is both carabiner and multi-tool.  It’s made from Grade 5 titanium, this functional tool has 5 wrench (the PB-7 offers 7 as the name indicates) openings and screwdriver, along with a para-pulley for block & tackle style setups (seen below) to increase lifting/pulling force.  The cleat not only snugly holds your paracord without the need for a knot but it also acts as a bottle opener to celebrate with a cold beer when you’re done.  The Ti2 is offered in two sizes depending on your needs.  Two highly functional multi-tools with bottle popping functionality.

When searching for a cool gadget that is more than just a plain ole’ bottle opener, there are many options out there.  Some are funny while others are functional like this Ti2.  Having the utility to take on more than just opening brews makes these para-biners even more useful in every day life.  This bottle opener that can be clipped onto a bag or your pants and also offer other functions when needed and should be something everyone can make use of.  Checkout the Ti2 Para-Biner bottle opener Kickstarter page and help fund a useful tool for beer loves and adventurers alike.

Ti1 Para-Biner Beer Bottle

Ti2 Para-Biner Block & Tackle