Pocket Wrench Bottle Opener

We love bottle openers.  They come in all shapes and sizes and many bring more utility than just the ability to open bottles.  Many of us want multi-tool that does more than just open bottles.  Something that can help with quick fixes while we’re out biking or around the house.  A simple, yet elegant object for twisting nuts and popping tops.  The Pocket Wrench combines a bottle opener with the added functionality of several wrench sizes in a simple and compact package.

The ideal that drove the Pocket Wrench was to create a tool that offered plenty of utility, while not taking up valuable real-estate in your pocket.  This little beer gadget offers up to 5 wrench sizes, a socket driver, a flathead screwdriver, and of course, a bottle opener in a keychain sized package.  The Pocket Wrench is available in both metric and SAE sizes so the user can choose which they’re in need of more often or they could even rock both.  Tighten some bolts, then reward yourself for a job well done by popping a couple beers with this device.

Single function bottle openers are great for when you’re around the house but when pocket space is at a premium, why not go for something that offers more utility in the same small package?  Something that will come in handy more than just for opening your nice cold beer (hey, we’re not saying that isn’t a very very important task too).  Go for something that can offer you more in a bottle opener.  Checkout the Pocket Wrench on their Kickstarter page here.

Pocket Wrench Usage