The Fat Fly Multi-Tool

Beer bottle openers are amazing devices. They allow us to get our thirsty lips on the prized beverage inside our bottles. While that single function alone is worthy of praise, it’s great when your beer gadgets can do more. Multi-tools pack plenty of punch into a single package but often bring added bulk too. For those that want a bottle opener and multi-tool that’s small enough to go anywhere, The Fat Fly is just the tool you’re looking for.

The Fat Fly packs all kinds of utility into a tiny package. While the most important feature is the bottle opener, it also offers a flat head screwdriver, 1/4″ hex bit holder, 5mm hex, grip jibbing/coarse file, a tritium or glow powder slot, box cuter, can opener, pry bar and scraper, plus a multi-hex wrench for 7/16″, 5/16″, 3/16″, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm. All that utility, in a package small enough to be attached to your jacket zipper.

Multi-tools shouldn’t be all utility and no personality. That’s why they offer The Fat Fly in a number of different finishes. Pick from standard titanium silver or a number of anodized colors like blue, gold, purple, and bronze. There’s also a limited edition Moku-Ti, made from titanium Damascus, that looks amazing.

Big utility can come in small packages. The Fat Fly takes tools that can be used every day (especially the bottle opener) and packs them into a tool that can be carried anywhere without adding bulk. It’s the tiny tool that you’ll find all kinds of uses for. Get your own Fat Fly by heading over to their Kickstarter page and helping fund this utility-packed multi-tool, right now.

The Fat Fly Tool