Screwpop Tool Bottle Opener

It’s always handy to be good at more than just one thing.  Makes ya even more useful.  The same holds true for bottle openers.  Why just open bottles when you can do something else.  Like tighten up those loose screws for example.  The Screwpop does just what you wanna do; open beer bottles and screw things.

Screwpop combines the always necessary beer bottle opener with a small screwdriver for those little jobs around the house. Packing both a standard and Philips head, the Screwpop is slim, small and can be carried almost anywhere. Throw it in the car or on a keyring, this little opener is great for anywhere you’re headed.

Those looking for a bottle opener with a bit more utility will find the Screwpop serves them well. You’ll be surprised at how many things you find to fix and tinker with when you have a screwdriver handy as you drink your favorite craft beer. Head on over to the Screw Pop website and grab a couple for yourself today.

Screwpop Tool Packaging