Stout Bottle Opener

How many bottle openers have you owned? Broken over time or lost. Cheaply made and disposable, shop doctor most bottle openers serve their purpose for just a short time. You need a good, prescription sturdy bottle opener. One that will last forever and pop bottles for years to come. You need the Stout Bottle Opener.

Molded from heavy duty stainless steel, story the Stout Bottle Opener is built to last. This burly bottle opener has a self-centering claw to pop your bottle right the first time. No worries about the metal pitting from repeated use like the cheap 99¢ bottle openers. A strong magnet keeps the bottle cap held when you pop it from the bottle. Those of us that like to save bottle caps will be happy to know that because of its design, the Stout pops the top without bending it. Homebrewers can even reuse the bottle caps for their own homebrews. The Stout puts pressure on both edges of the cap at the same time causing the top to pop without damage. More importantly though, it gets you to your tasty beverage below that cap.

The Stout Bottle Opener is currently in the funding stages on Kickstarter with their initial goal already met. Depending on the level of funding they get, several finishes will be available to backers. Get yourself a bottle opener that will last a lifetime and help fund this great project. You can also follow Stout here on Twitter. Get yourself your own Stout Bottle Opener here on their Kickstarter page.

Stout Bottle Opener Animation