Bottlejak Bottle Opener

We love cool beer gadgets. Anything to make drinking craft beer more fun or enjoyable. While many bottle openers are silly or a bit obnoxious, there’s always room for classy ones too. The Bottlejak isn’t just a bottle opener but also a stopper too for closing up those brews you just can’t finish in one sitting.

The Bottlejak Bottle Opener/Stopper is elegantly designed and made from aluminum and stainless steel. It’s self standing and makes a great piece to show off at your next beer tasting. Use the bottle opener to pop your favorite bottle of craft beer. Should you pop a bottle too many or find you don’t have what it takes to finish a bottle by the end of the night, use the stopper to close things up to enjoy another time. The stopper is made to work with multiple bottle sizes and should fit a 22oz bomber or 12oz bottle of beer just fine, in addition to 750ml bottles of brew. While it looks great with the raw aluminum look, the Bottlejak will also be available in a number of other finishes such as anodized black and anodized red amongst others so you can pick the look you like best.

Although its always our intention to finish every beer we open, sometimes we just can’t muster the strength to do so. Using the Bottlejak to plug your brew for another time is a much better option than pouring it out. The multi-purpose stopper also gets you into that bottle in the first place. A classy beer tool is something we all could use around the house. Checkout the Bottlejak Kickstarter page and help them fund this great looking (and functioning) bottle opener and stopper.

Bottlejak In Bottles

Bottlejak Stopper