Small Batch Crafted Pins

We share a love of the same beverage, but we’re all unique in our tastes. The same can be said for the way we dress. While we may rock some of the same brewery gear, many of us like to make our look unique. Small Batch Crafted Pins are the perfect piece to add to any beer fan look.

Small Batch Crafted Pins

Small Batch Hop PinSmall Batch Crafted Pins are super cool handmade craft beer themed pins. They currently offer a super-detailed hop or very cool growler and are an awesome way to add some flare to your shirt, jacket, hat, backpack, tie, or anywhere else you want to pin them.

Even at a size a bit bigger than a man’s thumbnail, the hop pin is full of detail. It shows every line and leaf in the delicate hop we all love so much. The pin has a great texture to it, making the hop look more life-like.

The growler pin looks like those brown jugs of joy craft beer fans are always happy to take home from their local watering hole. It looks almost good enough to drink, though doesn’t hold enough to satisfy.

Small Batch Growler PinUnlike your cheap everyday pins, the backing used on Small Batch are a high-quality rubber that doesn’t come off easily. Far too many awesome pins have been lost forever when the cheap back clasp has fallen off. No worries about that here. When they’re pinned, they’re good to go.

These pins are a great way to add a bit of beer character to anything you wear.

Maybe work isn’t the best place for your favorite brewery t-shirt, but you can still show your spirit with a subtle hop pin. Or dress up your suit coat with the little growler for a bit of flare at a high-end beer dinner.

They’re also great for on jackets and outerwear, where a big brewery patch may be a bit too much.

Add a little beer love to your purse or backpack with a pin or two.

Whatever the occasion and where ever you choose to stick them, Small Batch Crafted Pins are sure to add a subtle and stylish touch of beer pride to your gear.

Pin To Win

In a world where numerous people at every beer event are rocking the same swag, adding something unique to your look can set you apart. These awesome little pins from Small Batch Crafted Pins are a super cool way to stand out.

Order the hop and growler pins on the Small Batch website today and see what awesome additions come in the future.