MiiR Howler Growler

While it’s great to enjoy beer right at the source, sometimes we want to take it with us too. The growler is the perfect way to take that fresh beer from your local brewery and enjoy it anywhere you please. The typical glass growler may be good for most occasions, but sometimes you need a growler that offers more and can go anywhere. The MiiR Howler is the growler you need.

The MiiR Howler is a growler upgraded. Unlike typical glass growlers, the Howler is made of stainless steel to handle hauling your beer anywhere. It’s vacuum sealed so it won’t sweat and it keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours (12 hours for hot liquids too). The rubber lid seal is guaranteed not to leak and the Howler carries a lifetime warranty to protect this tough guy. Available in 64oz and 32oz sizes plus several finishes, they’ve got one to fit your preferences.

In addition to being an awesome growler, the Howler serves another wonderful function. Buying the Howler helps give one person clean water for a year. When you purchase a Howler, you’re given a unique code. Enter it online and in 6-18 months, you’ll see proof that your purchase helped make a difference. You get GPS location and pictures of the person you helped get clean water. It’s a pretty cool way to enrich your own life and that someone else in need. Transparency is a beautiful thing.

Glass growlers are great but growlers that can go anywhere are even better. Making a difference in someone else’s life by buying a Howler growler is even better. It’s a great way to give yourself something to carry your favorite beer while also giving back at the same time. Grab yourself a MiiR Howler growler on Amazon now.