Ring Tool Beer Bottle Opener

Practical bottle openers that do more than just get us into our favorite beer are something we can all use in our lives. A multi-tool that comes in handy for more than just opening our brews and serves a higher purpose. The Ringtool Multi-Tool offers the added utility of 12 different tools including the all-important bottle opener.

Ringtool claims to be the most compact multi-tool out there, with a number of useful tools including several hex heads, 2 screw drivers, spoke wrenches, and of course a bottle opener. From tip to tip, the Ringtool only measures about 2 inches so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your keychain. It weighs just 1oz so you won’t even notice it’s there but you’ll be glad it is when you’re in need of a tool for those quick fixes on your bike, around the house, or any of the many places we seem to always need to fix something at moments notice. The Ringtool has the following useful tools:

  • Bottle-cap opener
  • 3mm Hexhead
  • 4mm Hexhead
  • 5mm Hexhead
  • 6mm Hexhead
  • 8mm Hexhead
  • Flathead Driver
  • Phillips Driver
  • Torxhead T25 Driver
  • 0.127″ (3.23 mm) Spoke wrench (DT/Wheelsmith nipples)
  • 0.130″ (3.30 mm) Spoke wrench (most European)

For all those times you wish you had a screw driver or a bottle opener handy, the Ringtool has you covered. Small and compact yet made from the same strong hardened and tempered stainless steel used in big time tools, this little guy offers a lot of utility in a small footprint. Popping your favorite beers is just an added bonus. Get over to the Ringtool Kickstarter project and pick up one for yourself before the funding period ends.

Ringtool Keychain Opener