Brew Clip

There are some things you just don’t leave the house without.  Your wallet is one of them.  For many craft beer drinkers, a bottle opener is another one.  Now what if you could combine those two essential items into a single item saving room on your person and making sure you have both with you at all times?  The Brew Clip bottle opener money clip holds your cash and insures you’re always ready to pop bottles of brew when it’s time for a drink.

It’s a money clip designed to hold your loot and when you need to pop a bottle of beer, simply slide out the stylish bottle opener and open away.  The Brew Clip is designed to be durable and stand up to years of use while also being light weight so it doesn’t add extra weight or bulk to your pocket.  Big beer baller?  This money clip has plenty of room for all your bills, credit cards, and receipts (gotta have those to write off your deductions from the beer bar right?).  Now with their Kickstarter projects funding climbing, the Brew Clip is being offered in natural wood grain just for Kickstarter backers in addition to the high-quality plastic nylon standard Brew Clip which is also offered in several colors.

The Brew Clip helps minimize the number of items you need to carry with you while also being sure you always have the right tool for opening your favorite craft beer when needed.  Hold that cash for buying your beer and then pop those bottles once the purchase is made, all with the same handy tool.  There isn’t much time left to help fund the Brew Clip project and get yours for the great intro pricing offered.  Checkout the Brew Clip Kickstarter project today and help fund a sweet gadget for any beer fan.

Brew Clip Bottle Opener