ReGrained SuperGrain+ Bars

We love integrating beer into so many areas of our lives, why not make it part of what we eat too? ReGrained SuperGrain+ are great-tasting bars made with upcycled brewing grain and packed full of good stuff to power you. Have a look.

ReGrained SuperGrain+

We put beer in our chili, beer in our chocolate cakes, and beer in our bellies. ReGrained SuperGrain+ put it in a healthy snack and does it using upcycled brewers grain which was previously used to create the beverage we love!

After most of the sugars are extracted from grain during the brewing process, there’s still plenty of awesome nutrient value left behind. Rather than allowing it to go to waste, ReGrained takes that spent grain and turns it into a tasty treat.


While they won’t replace your favorite beer, they’re a healthy alternative when you can’t have a drink. They’re also a great way to keep you fueled throughout the day. Packed with prebiotic fiber, protein, and other micronutrients, they’re a great source of energy. In fact, ReGrained SuperGrain+ has far more protein or fiber than you’ll find in many of the flour sources used in other bars.

ReGrained Bars Protein & Fiber Content

SuperGrain+ bars come in three great flavors:

  • Chocolate Coffee Stout
  • Honey Cinnamon IPA
  • Blueberry Sunflower Saison

While we’ve all tried products that claim to taste like beer but miss the mark (beer flavored candy anyone?), these bars truly do recall flavors of the beers their names imply. The darker grains used in the Chocolate Coffee Stout bars have a nice roasty malt flavor, with a bit of chocolate. The Blueberry Sunflower Saison has the slight peppery spice and yeasty note you’d find in the beer style and Honey Cinnamon IPA has the sweetness and bit of spice one might find in their favorite hoppy brew.

Beer In Bar Form

Beer comes in many styles. IPA, stout, faro, and now bar form. Delicious ReGrained SuperGrain+ bars are a great way to indulge in something made from the brew we love, fuel ourselves, and upcycle brewers grain at the same time.

Head over to the ReGrained website to learn more and order yourself some delicious ReGrained SuperGrain+ bars now. Eat your beer!