Brew Candy

Some of us would drink craft beer all day, everyday if we could. Sadly, that isn’t possible for the majority of us. Though drinking all-day may be out, we can still enjoy the flavors of our favorite beverage anytime. Brew Candy from Swag Brewery lets you savor the flavor of some of the best beer notes.

Brew Candy aren’t the hard candy that grandma use to leave laying around the house. You won’t find butterscotch or peppermint here. Instead, you get 3 flavors inspired by your favorite brew.

  • Hoppy IPA – Nice bit of vegetative hop flavor. Light and pleasant.
  • Honey Ale – Mellow lemony flavor with a hint of beer to keep it from being just a lemon drop.
  • Roasty Stout – Plenty of roasted malt flavor. Notes of chocolate and slight touch of light cocoa.

Unlike the hop candy available elsewhere, Brew Candy aren’t overpowering or discussing to eat. They’re a hard candy you can have any time, rather than one meant to showcase the flavors of a particular hop, such as those sold at homebrew stores are intended.

For those looking for a beer-inspired treat they can eat any time, Brew Candy are sweet little suckables that will satisfy your sweet-tooth. Grab a bag for yourself and one for a friend by heading over to get Brew Candy from Swag Brewery now.

Swag Brewery Brew Candy