ReGrained Granola Bars

Beer is wonderful food in a glass. But while we’d love to do nothing but drink beer, it may not be the best live choice to go on an all-liquid diet, all the time. What if we could eat a part of our favorite beverage, any time? With ReGrained granola bars, beer lovers can have a bit of brew any time they like.

Grain To ReGrained

ReGrained are a delicious granola bar made from upcycled brewing grain. Even after extracting sugars during the brewing process, the spent grain contains tons of great nutrients. In fact, just 10% of the ingredients used in brewing end up in your beer glass. ReGrained collects spent grain from a local brewer and uses it to make delicious granola bars. It’s a great way to make better use of a waste product for most brewers and they taste awesome too.

The bars come in two great flavors and I was lucky enough to try both thanks to the folks at ReGrained.

  • Honey Almond IPA Bar – A mix of almonds with the lighter grains commonly found in an IPA. A light honey sweetness with a great chewiness and slight nuttiness on the finish. It really does have an IPA-like quality to it.
  • Chocolate Coffee Stout Bar – Roasty coffee and chocolate aroma with dark roasted coffee flavor. Great chewiness with light chocolate flavor mingling amongst the roasted grain and coffee notes. Stout in bar form.

Both bars taste great and are packed with plenty of good energy to keep you fueled throughout the day. They’re made from natural ingredients and you can taste the beer-like grain profile in each bar.

Great Granola

Like the production of most goods, there is some waste associated with brewing beer. But rather than send the spent grain off to a farm to become livestock feed, why don’t we eat it instead? ReGrained bars take nutrient-filled grain and turn it into tasty granola bars, in flavors that are similar to the great beer styles we love. Head over to the ReGrained website and order yourself some of these tasty treats now.