Beer Glass By Alessi Splugen

Beer glasses. Ever craft beer lover has a million of them. Piles of shaker pints and countless other glasses. We all have the ones that mean a lot to us and the ones that are our favorite to drink out of. For those looking for a unique glass to add to their collection, the Alessi Splugen beer glass is one that’s sure to stand out.

The Alessi Splugen Beer Glass from designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni has a unique shape and is made from lead crystal. It’s a reissue of the original 1960s design for the Splügen Bräu bar in Milan, Italy. The 13.5oz capacity means there’s just the right amount of room for your favorite 12oz bottle or can, plus a nice bit of head atop. The shape feels great in the hand and the larger base means there’s no worries about it tipping over, even as you proceed to get a bit tipsy.

We all have glasses in our collection that we love. Those special ones that none of your other beer drinking friends have and the ones that are truly unique. The Alessi Splugen Beer Glass can certainly become one of those. The interesting design and great history behind it make it a great one to add to your own collection or the collection of a good friend. Check out the Alessi Splugen Beer Glass on Amazon and show off glassware as unique as your taste in brew.

Alessi Splugen Beer Glass