Pry.Me Beer Bottle Opener

Every beer fan keeps a bottle opener on them everywhere they go. You never know when you’ll need it but you don’t want to be stuck carrying around something that adds a lot of weight. For those looking for the smallest opener to get the job done, the Pry.Me Beer Bottle Opener is just what you need.

You Gotta Pry.Me

Small doesn’t really describe the Pry.Me. More like micro or elfin. This thing is smaller than a penny in size and disappears on to your keychain, so you won’t even know you’re carrying it (until you need it that is). It weighs just 0.5 grams. That’s 145% lighter than a penny!

Despite the small size, the Pry.Me is super strong. Made from Grade 5 Titanium, it’ll keep popping bottles long after those cheap liquor store counter specials have given up. Just the prove how strong it was, they even pulled a car using the opener and swung from a tree. Seriously, check it out!

One of the biggest challenges we find with many small openers is that they make it hard to open bottles. The lack of leverage makes it a struggle to pop the top. No problem here. A steady pull up on your keyring will take the top off and results in a satisfying “POP!” sound.

Not just for opening bottles, you can also use it to hook your keys on things, or open the tab on a stubborn beer can. It’s a handy tool to take anywhere.

Small Size, Big Utility

If you want bottle-opening action without the bulk, you need a super small opener and they don’t get any smaller than this. Just don’t lose it before you get it on your keychain.

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Pry.Me Bottle Opener Pull