PiCO Micro Bottle Opener

We may not be Boy Scouts but craft beer drinkers always come prepared. Always prepared to pop a bottle that is. Most of us would’t go anywhere without a bottle opener. You never know when you’ll need those little guys. The problem with so many bottle openers is that they add a bit too much bulk to your keychain or they’re made of material that breaks down too often (like those crappy 99¢ checkout counter ones we’ve all had). For those that want really small but still down for any job, the PiCO Micro Bottle Opener is just what you’re searching for.

The PiCO is super small. At less than the size of a quarter, it’s likely the smallest bottle opener out there. Yet made from titanium, it’ll stand up to years of bottle opening abuse. Using your key ring for added leverage, the PiCO makes bottle popping simple, yet adds almost no bulk and weight to your keychain. It’s simple, small, and functional. The folks at Pangea Designs took the best part about the Pickpocket Torq bottle opener (the bottle opener part, duh) and made it super small.

For beer drinkers, none of us want a small (who wants 8oz when we can have 22oz) but when we’re looking to pack bottle prying power without the bulk, the PiCO is just the thing we’re looking for. Check out the PiCO Micro Bottle Opener Kickstarter and get yourself a micro opener that’ll go anywhere.
PiCO Beer Bottle