Pickpocket Torq Bottle Opener

As fans of craft beer, most of us have plenty of bottle openers around. Those wonderful tools that get us into the bottles of our favorite beverage. To be prepared any time the change to drink a brew arises, many of us carry an opener around on our keychains. For those looking for something cool and unique but also functional, should checkout the Pickpocket bottle opener.

The Pickpocket is a unique keychain bottle opener that offers additional utility than just opening your favorite beer bottle. Made from titanium, this bottle opener also has a pocket clip for hanging your keys. The original version, the Pickpocket Alpha, offers 4 holes for attaching keychains and lanyards. The Pickpocket Torq (pictured) has the addition of an integrated 1/4″ hex wrench. It can also be used with standard 1/4″ driver bits. They’re small and compact so they don’t add any unneeded bulk to your keychain but large enough to provide plenty of leverage for even the most stubborn of bottle caps.

A good bottle opener is a must for all of us beer drinkers. Something that is unique and displays our own unique tastes is always a great thing. A cool bottle opener that sets yourself apart from your friends openers and that gets you into your bottle of brew each time. Check them out and get yourself a Pickpocket here on their website.

Pickpocket Bottle Opener