nICE Mug Ice Beer Mug

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer? There are few things better than a cold one on a hot summer day. But warm beer can ruin your buzz with a quickness. So how do you keep your brew cold in the hot summer sun? A koozie is great but it will only keep your brew as cold as it started. nICE Mug will keep your favorite beer cold in even the hottest heats.

nICE Mug are mugs made of ice (you’d never guess by the name, right?). The mug molds make it easy to make as many frosty beverage holders as you need. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze. Then let them sit on the counter for a few minutes and then pop the ice mug out. Refill and start again to make more. Freeze enough for your weekend in the sun at the lake.

While a nICE Mug keeps your beer good and cold, how does one keep from freezing their hand or having their beverage slip right out? They’ve taken care of that issue with a simple holder. The holders not only keep your hands from freezing, they also have a sponge to soak up some of the mug melt to prevent you from spilling. Great idea.

The nICE Mug will keep your brew from getting warm in the summer heat. They’re fun and pretty cool (literally). Their website features some other cool ideas for the mugs such as putting fruit in the molds before freezing. Those would be cool for drinks other than beer but who drinks that stuff? Head over to the nICE Mug website and checkout the coldest mugs you can get.

nICE Mug Beer Mug