Your college days may be over but that doesn’t mean you still don’t know how to party.  While your beverage of choice may have moved on from those cheap mass-produced beers from the big guys, you at times enjoy putting back more than you should and getting a little rowdy.  But how do you get those beers in your belly in record time?

The Flowzie is part beer koozie, part beer shotgunning device.  It’ll keep your beer nice and cold while you drink on those hot summer days but should you want to finish it up in a hurry, hit the Flowzie’s button and you’re in business.  The button on the side of the Flowzie punctures a hole in the side of your beer can allowing you to shotgun your beer with a quickness.  Tip it back, hit and release the button and drink quick.

The fine folks behind the Flowzie were nice enough to hook me up with a couple to try out.  I can attest that a Surly Bitter Brewer goes down with a quickness even in 16oz pint cans.  This beer koozie definitely lived up to it’s nickname, The Shotgunner.

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Flowzie Cans