Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

Everyone needs a good, quality bottle opener.  One that will last many nights of many brews.  A bottle opener built tough to handle the abuse we craftbeer drinkers throw at it with countless bottles over countless years of enjoying great beverages.  Cheap liquor store checkout bottle openers for 99¢ suck.  They aren’t worth the cheap aluminum they’re made with.  You need a manly bottle opener.  Milwaukee Tool has you covered with a bottle opener and wire stripper that will last until the last beer.

The Milwaukee Bottle Opener is made by the same folks that make a saw for cutting 4 inches of solid concrete.  This thing is tough.  Made from hardened steel, the opener will pop any bottle you can throw at it.  It’s chrome plated to prevent rusting and has a nicely padded handle to insure a good grip.  While beer drinking and wire stripping don’t often go together (at least not thus far for myself in my beer drinking career) the opener does have a wire stripper that can handle up to 12ga wire.  Can’t hurt to have it, should you need it.

We all need plenty of bottle openers to make sure there is always one available when good beer is around (which is all the time, right?).  The Milwaukee Tool Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper is a high quality opener that will last longer than the beers in your cellar will.  A guy can never have too many bottle openers or gadgets.  Get a Milwaukee Tool Bottle Opener for your tool box here on Amazon.

Milwaukee Bottle Opener