Legless Pirate Beer Bottle Opener

Most of us craft beer lovers are prepared to open bottles of brew with plenty of bottle openers.  While we might be prepared for opening bottle tops, are you ready when you come across a Belgian bottle that uses a cork instead?  Foil cutter and corkscrew?  The Legless Pirate Bottle Opener & Corkscrew has you coverrrrrrred.

The Legless Pirate is both bottle opener for opening metal tops and corkscrew for opening corked bottles (and wine too I suppose, if you’re into that sorta thing).  Sure there are other combo openers but this one does it pirate style.  Do those other ones have an eye-patch?  I think not.  In addition to being able to open caps and corks, the foil cutter is great for both foil and that pain in the ass wax some brewers put on their bottles (be careful not to cut yourself though, some of that wax is tough).  The opener has a rubberized exterior which makes it feel great in your hand and keeps it from slipping if your hands are wet.  This is a cool and unique waiter’s friend.

Craft beer drinkers are always prepared to open that next bottle of brew with a good bottle opener but at times we may not be prepared with corkscrew or a tool to cut the wax we find on more and more bottles these days.  Be prepared with a waiter’s friend that has a great looking pirate theme to it and get in to any bottle you might come across.  Get your Legless Pirate bottle opener and corkscrew here on the SUCKS UK website.

Legless Pirate Bottle Opener