Grovemade Key Ring

Often, design is just as important as function. Beautiful bottle art to go along with a wonderful beer inside. While design should never trump function, when both are equal, you end up with a product that’s far better than one that simply focuses on function alone. Combining great function and design, the Grovemade Key Ring brings both to their wonderfully designed keyring that also functions as a beer bottle opener.

The Grovemade Key Ring is a beautifully designed key ring and bottle opener made from a solid block of stainless steel or brass. This creates a very solid feeling keyring and belt loop hook, while still remaining small enough to not add unneeded bulk to your keychain or be too large for your pocket. The design allows it to be easily hooked to your belt loop, but stay secure and only be removed when you want it to be.


Grovemade Key Ring Bottle Opener

The integrated beer bottle opener means you can pop bottles anywhere you need. The solid design makes it easy to get inside your favorite beverage bottles with far less fuss than many small keychain openers. Prying angle is no problem.

The best products are those that balance form and function. The Grovemade Key Ring does that wonderfully with a piece that looks great carrying your keys while clipped to your pants and opens beer bottles with ease. Head over to their site today and check out the Key Ring along with all the other amazingly designed items Grovemade makes.

Grovemade Key Ring