Crocobiner Carabiner

Normal bottle opener serve a single function. A wonderful function of helping us to get at the delicious brew inside our many beer bottles. Multi-tools offer that beer opening functionality with the additional benefit of doing much more. The problem is that many of these multi-tools try to pack too much into one package and end up being big and bulky to carry with you. For big utility in a small package, the Crocobiner carabiner multi-tool is the one you should be carrying.

The Crocobiner multi-tool carabiner packs plenty of utility into a package small enough to easily clip on your jeans. The 10 tools include a carabiner, box opener, key holder, pry bar, multi-spoke bike wrench, flat and philips screwdriver, hex bit holder, 6 different wrench sizes, and most importantly, a beer bottle opener. Tasks big and small, the Crocobiner is up for them, being water-jet cut from 5mm metal (available metals are grade 5 titanium, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and mekume gane). It’s small and simple to carry anywhere, yet made to tackle tough tasks (and open the insane number of beer bottles that craft beer fans go through). It’s also a unique shape that looks great.

It’s crucial for most craft beer lovers to carry a bottle opener with them at almost all times. A bottle opener that offers more utility than simply getting at their suds is a more appealing carry. The Crocobiner offers a wide range of useful everyday tools in a small package that can clip and go anywhere. If you want that big utility with a bite, help make it a reality. Fund the Crocobiner carabiner multi-tool on Kickstarter today.

Crocobiner Bottle Opener