Enigma Key Hook Bottle Opener

As a craft beer fan, you spend a lot of time twisting and prying bottle caps. While most will experience them from time to time, you could punch a time clock for all the time you spend doing it. It’s like your job (a tasty beer drinking job). To cut down on the mark this task often leaves on our hands, we seek out tools to help. Bottle openers to pry bottles open and often our shirts to help twist tops off. For those looking for one tool to do both jobs (and save your shirts in the process), the Enigma Key Hook Bottle Opener is just the tool you’ve been looking for.

The Enigma Key Hook is the latest from Pangea Designs. These guys know key hooks with added bottle popping power. The Enigma offers the ability to pop bottles with a built-in bottle opener and also makes twisting off stubborn tops thanks to a cap twisting tool. In addition to it’s bottle opening abilities, the Enigma also features several wrench sizes and a tip that can be used for prying, in addition to a key hook that makes it easy to chill it, along with your keychain, on to your pants. Made from titanium, it’s built for years of use.

Bottle popping pros need a tool that’s up for the job. The Enigma makes opening your brews simple, no matter if they’re twist or pry top. The added utility it offers as a multi-tool makes it even more useful to carry daily. Get yourself a great new bottle opener and help Pangea Designs launch another great product. Check out the Enigma Key Hook Kickstarter project today and add another awesome bottle opener to your inventory.

Enigma Bottle Opener