You’d be hard pressed to find a beer drinker that hasn’t played cornhole, also referred to as bags by many. Call it whatever you like, it’s become the most popular yard game around and you’ll find it at bars too. Everyone likes a fun way to pass the time and stir a bit of competition while they drink. But while cornhole has become our goto game, it has one big problem; it’s not really inside friendly. Crownhole is the new cornhole meets quarters and a drinking game you can play anywhere.


Crownhole is a tabletop-sized game of cornhole with the bounce skill of quarters, played using beer bottle caps. Each board is built of sturdy plastic with a high quality coating, so these boards will last for years, even if you spill a few beers. Made by the creators of Beer Cap Maps, Crownhole is a game any beer drinker will love.

The rules of Crownhole are simple. Each person takes three caps and takes turn bouncing your cap off the bar or tabletop and onto the board (or in the hole). To make it easier to identify your own points, it’s best to use matching caps so you can tell each player apart.

Like cornhole, you score points by getting your caps to stay on the board or go in the hole. Some boards (The Growler and The Brew-skee) feature additional areas worth multiple points or even a lost point, to add to the difficulty. First player to 21 wins (or play with your own rules if you like).

Crownhole boards are the perfect size to play anywhere and are great for entertaining at your next beer tasting or the local brewery taproom.

Cap Casting Fun

Everyone likes a bit of competition and games we can play while drinking make the beer imbibing more fun. Crownhole is a great drinking game, offering a challenging new cap bouncing skill to master.

Check out the Crownhole website or buy your Crownhole board from Amazon today.