Craft Beer Coolers

Summer is here and we’re venturing out into the warm weather and enjoying much of our favorite beverage, craft beer. When heading out in the heat, most choose to pack a cooler full of tasty treats to keep them cool. While traditional coolers will get the job done, we want something as special as the beverage inside. For the coolest coolers around, CraftBot Beer Coolers can’t be beat.

If you’re looking to carry your craft beer in style, CraftBot Beer Coolers are the way to do it. They’re durable and uniquely customizable. Simply send them your logo and they’ll make a high quality steel cooler just for you. They’re awesome for promoting your brewery or your favorite brand. The graphics are printed in high quality vinyl, so they’ll last for years, just like the cooler itself.

CraftBot Beer Coolers offers a number of sizes to fit everyone’s needs too. The 13 quart (shown here) is perfect for carrying close to 12 brews to where ever your beer enjoyment is happening. Unlike many smaller coolers, this one is more than tall enough to allow 12oz bottles to stand up, so you can fit more beer for the journey.

The handle flips up and keeps things secured along with the lid handle to make carrying easy. In addition to the great looking chrome on the handles and corners, the cooler has a built-in bottle opener so you’ll never have to search for one to open your favorite brew. Craft beer fans are always prepared to party.

For those looking to keep their beverages cold, there are coolers. For those looking to keep their craft beer cold and do so in style, there are CraftBot Beer Coolers. These custom coolers look amazing and keep your favorite brews nice and cool while doing so. Get yourself a custom cooler for your homebrew and microbrew. Check out the CraftBot Beer Coolers website and see the different options they have, then order a cooler as cool as your brews.

Craft Beer Coolers Inside

Craft Beer Coolers Bottle Opener