Chill Puck

Summer is coming, and with it will come that wonderful warm weather. The weather is great, but it tends to have a negative effect on your favorite beverage. Beers get warm quick in the summer sun. While we can’t always drink them down fast enough to keep from getting to less than optimal temperature, with the Chill Puck we can be sure our beers are always cool and ready to drink.

The Chill Puck keeps your beer cool no matter how hot the weather gets. Throw the plastic puck in the freezer to chill it down, then strap it to the bottom of your beer can using the silicon band. It’ll keep your can cold while you enjoy the warm weather. Each Chill Puck will stay cool for several beers, then drop it in the cooler for a bit to cool it again. If bottles are your thing, you can drop the Chill Puck into your favorite koozie and pop your beer bottle atop it to keep cool too.

The silicon bans offer a great way to show your team spirit or rep your favorite brand. They’re available in a large number of professional team logos and colors, or have your own custom bands made to show your support. They offer a great way to customize your drink and keep it cool at the same time.

Warm beer has long been a problem for summer drinking, but with the Chill Puck it’s not a worry any longer. It’s a simple solution to your summer beer sipping problem and easy to use so you’ll never be too inebriated to make it work. Keep your beer cold this summer by grabbing yourself a set of Chill Pucks for the cabin and the cooler. Order your Chill Puck on Amazon today.

Chill Puck Beer Cooler