Carlsberg Beer Beauty

Beer is an awesome drink. In addition to tasting great, it’s packed with stuff that’s good for you, like silicon and Vitamin B. Not only is beer great to consume, but it can also be great for the skin and scalp. For those looking to clean up with their favorite beverage, beer soaps are the perfect answer. And why just use soap, when you can use an entire beauty line. The Carlsberg Beer Beauty line of men’s grooming products are just what you want.

Carlsberg Beer Shampoo

The Carlsberg Beer Beauty products aren’t just some shampoo with beer added, they’ve been designed with the finest ingredients, one of which is their premium beer. The shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion are each created to perform great for guys. They smell great too. The aroma of spicy hops comes through nicely in each, though I really like it in the conditioner the best. Think of the spiciest Saaz hops you’ve smelled and multiply it several times. That’s what you smell each morning as you wash up. Using this lineup certainly wakes you up and helps start the day (though you may find yourself wishing for a shower beer too).

In addition to other great ingredients, the beer is certainly there too. Each of these products contains 0.5 liters of Carlsberg beer, freeze-dried into a powder and then mixed with organic ingredients to create these great products.

Carlsberg Beer Conditioner

The Carlsberg Laboratories, the Research and Development arm of Carlsberg Breweries, has put together a great lineup here, along with the help of cosmetic producer Urtegaarden. Those looking to add even more beer to their lives will want to add these grooming products too. They’re packed with beer goodness along with the other essentials to look great for your next brewery tour or beer tasting. For those ready to get their beer groom on, check out the Carlsberg Beer Beauty lineup and let beer help you look as good as it makes you feel.

Carlsberg Beer Body Lotion