Good Clean Beer Soap

Love beer? We all do. It’s great for relaxing after a long day, as a social lubricant, as a refreshing beverage on a hot day, and for so many other great reasons. There are a million reasons to drink beer but drinking isn’t the only use for beer. I’m sure most of us have had a beer so good we wished we could bathe in it. With Good Clean Beer Soap, your dream of bathing in beer has come true.

Good Clean Beer Soap is a great natural soap made with your favorite beverage, beer. Like your favorite craft brew, this beer soap is made by hand in small batches using natural ingredients. Each beer soap is made with malted barley, essential oils, and craft beer which gives it a great aroma. The malted barley is nutrient rich and helps to exfoliate the skin. Hops are loaded with skin loving amino acids.

Good Clean Soap was nice enough to send me over a sample of Summer Cotton which is infused with Boulevard 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer. Malted barley, hops, and the fresh scent of linens hanging on the clothesline make for a great aroma. The beer soap leaves your skin and hair feeling clean and smooth with a nice light scent. Good Clean Beer Soap is offered in a number of other great aromas made with great craft beer:

  • Black Licorice made with Anchor Porter
  • Black Raspberry made with Abita Purple Haze
  • Clove & Cinnamon made with Redhook Nutbrown Ale
  • Southern Cotton made with Boulevard 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer
  • Vanilla Bean made with Leinie’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

With great ingredients and great beer, Good Clean Beer Soap is the perfect thing to clean up with before a day of drinking your favorite brew or after a long night of drinking. Clean, fresh aromas and our favorite drink with the power to clean things up. Checkout the Good Clean Soap website here for all of their great beer soap offerings.