Brown Bag Can Koozie

Craft beer drinkers may have graduated from drinking Natty Ice and 40oz OE 800 High Gravity, but the brown paper bag still has a special place in the heart of every beer drinker. It has a magical way of making you more connected to your drinking experience, even if you’ve never brown bagged it before. The Brown Bag Can Koozie from Transient is the best way to brown bag.

Brown Bag

Transient captured some nostalgia in this Brown Bag Can Koozie. The printed foam-lined koozie looks the part, while bringing the added benefit of insulating your beverage can. A fringed rim completes the feel for that rough look of a true brown bag experience.

Kicking back around the camp fire at a local state park, I felt more in-tune with my hobo side while sipping suds on a sunny day in this can koozie. The beer tasted a bit better, as I enjoyed the freedom of being closer to nature and answering to no one. Just one with the beer and the forest around.

In addition to can koozies for your standard sized beverages, Transient also offers a 40oz koozie (in brown paper bag, black, or duct tape) to keep your big bottles cold. Want to look homeless while drinking a classy bottle of booze? Now you can, with this sweet koozie.

A Classy Koozie For The Classy Drinker

Craft beer is a wonderfully fun hobby. Why not have some fun with the koozies we use to keep our favorite beverages cold? The Brown Bag Can Koozie brings an instantly recognizable style that’s sure to make your friends smile and bring you back to those days when you enjoyed a beverage in a brown paper bag.

Grab yourself a Brown Bag Can Koozie from Transient Manufacturing & Supply and enjoy a unique look and some sipping nostalgia.